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Software · Posted on February 7, 2021 at 10:05 PM

There are a number of ways to measure the size of computer programs. One of the well-known method to measure the size of the program is Lines of Code (Loc). In this article, we will introduce LocMetrics, a software tool to measure source lines of code.


The overall user interface of LocMetrics is as above. After choosing the directory where the project source code to measure is in, you just need to click "Count Loc" button to measure the lines of code. The program supports measuring C#, C++, Java, and SQL codes, but users can add other programming languages such as Python (*.py) or JavaScript (*.js).

Please note that after clicking "Count LOC", the tool creates measuring result report files to the source code directory as shown below. You can change the directory to generate reports by filling out the Output Directory (optional).


The program generate analyzed reports using pie charts and tables as shown below.


The definition of the abbreviation terms are as below.

  • Lines of Code (LOC)
  • Blank Lines of Code (BLOC)
  • Source Lines of Code-Physical (SLOC-P): Physically executable source lines of code
  • Source Lines of Code-Logical (SLOC-L): Logically executable source lines of code

Since the author's website (http://locmetrics.com/) is not working, here is the download link: LocMetrics.zip

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